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About Us

The University of Wisconsin Colleges and the University of Wisconsin-Extension share a vision of providing maximum access to the University of Wisconsin educational resources and research for the benefit of Wisconsin's residents. While they are two institutions with their own missions, they have one chancellor. In the past several years, the UW Colleges and UW-Extension have been integrating administrative functions in Madison for greater efficiency and are collaborating on delivering programs and services to statewide residents for greater effectiveness.

The UW Colleges through its 13 freshman/sophomore campuses and provides the Associate of Arts and Science degree and the liberal arts foundation of the bachelor's degree. The Colleges campuses prepare students for transfer to any four-year UW campus. Personal attention, small classes and modest cost are just a few of the ways the UW Colleges provides significant value to its students. While its campuses are small, UW Colleges students have access to the resources of the entire UW System, enabling them to access a world-class education, and the best start towards a rewarding life. The quality of the academic program is further substantiated by the high rates of its students who graduate with bachelor's degrees after they transfer.

The UW Colleges prides itself on serving more part-time students, more adult undergraduates and more first-generation college students than any other UW campus.

The UW-Extension structure includes:

Cooperative Extension offices in 72 counties and on three tribal nations

Continuing Education, Outreach and E-learning with a growing menu of online courses and degree programs

Business and Entrepreneurship, which includes

  • Wisconsin Small Business Development Center Network
  • Center for Technology Commercialization
  • Food Finance Institute
  • Business Dynamics Research Consortium
  • Center for Business Intelligence

The statewide broadcast networks of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.

UW-Extension improves lives and communities in Wisconsin through engaged education and research. Its federal, state and local partnerships are vital to all of Extension's efforts.

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