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Annual Report 2011: Your Connection to a World of Resources


Connecting agriculture to UW research-based information

aerial view of Kickapoo Valley farmland

Agriculture contributes nearly $60 billion annually to Wisconsin's economy and provides 350,000 jobs in both rural and urban communities.

UW-Extension connects Wisconsin's vibrant agriculture industry to unbiased, research-based information to help create a robust agricultural economy, support healthy and safe food systems, and protect our valued natural resources.

Through a UW-Extension division of Cooperative Extension program, potentially harmful soil phosphorus has been reduced in 75 percent of the state's counties by working with farmers during many decades to study the impact of fertilizer rates, timing, and application methods on crop yield.

Keeping the state's dairy industry profitable and competitive is critical to economic development. UW-Extension's division of Cooperative Extension Dairy Modernization Program works with dairy producers to modernize operations and stay highly competitive with other big dairy states.

Food safety educational initiatives that work with the state's meat and vegetable industries; and continued research on integrated pest management underscore the university's commitment to develop healthy and safe food systems.

More information about the economic impact of Wisconsin's agriculture can be found at