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Annual Report 2011: Your Connection to a World of Resources

Career preparation

UW HELP: Your connection to UW academic programs and UW campuses

photo of UWHELP student advisor

UW HELP student advisor Katie Christenson

The University of Wisconsin Higher Education Location Program (UW HELP) makes it easy for students in middle school through seniors in high school, transfer students, adult students/veterans, graduate students, international students and counselors to find a wealth of information about UW System campuses, academic programs, preparing for college, etc.

The suite of electronic services that UW HELP provides includes the UW HELP website, online application for admission, and communications about the UW System via social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Redesigned in 2010, the website contains more than 800 pages and 1,800 links. The MajorMania database makes it possible for users to search more than 4,400 academic programs available throughout the UW System. Counselors can order print publications and prospective students can email pressing questions about applying, as well as how to plan and pay/save for college, find support and learn about services available. There were 10,450 new visits to the website last year -- approximately 300 more than the previous year.

UW HELP provides individual and group educational advising, print publications, electronic services, and much more. It has built strong partnerships with professional staff throughout the UW System. Its website weaves together all aspects of the access that UW HELP makes possible. According to a summer 2011 survey, 89 percent of Wisconsin high school counselors either agreed or strongly agreed that the UW HELP website was useful to them.

UW HELP is a unit within UW-Extension's Division of Continuing Education, Outreach and E-Learning.