Sue B

Wrightstown is a small Village on the Fox River, ideally situated 20 minutes from Appleton and Green Bay. When Allyson Watson appeared before our Village Board and offered her services, we could not believe our good fortune. We immediately took her up on her offer to help as we looked to redevelop our downtown area. In that regard, Allyson walked through our downtown, researched the history of the buildings, took numerous photographs, attended various meetings, took copious notes and provided examples from other communities of what our Village could look like. And she is a wonderful cheerleader, encouraging us and letting us know that our work will pay off. She has involved us in webinars that focus on community development and branding. She is a great sounding board for ideas in other areas as well. Allyson is someone we frequently look to in order to assure we are going down the right path. Allyson Watson has been a godsend to a Village with big ideas. We told her just the other day that working with her is like having another person on staff. We are so grateful for her knowledge, professionalism, energy and encouragement.