Chad S

After attending UW-Manitowoc, I am a much better-rounded person. Even though school can be a struggle, I am happy to be bettering myself!

Initially, I chose UW-Manitowoc because of how close it is and the low cost. When I found out about the quality of instruction and how easy it is to get one-on-one time with my professors, it would have been my first choice.

I chose philosophy as a major because of the enthusiasm and expertise of Professor Al White. He teaches in such a unique way. After attending several of his classes, and discussions with him, I decided that continuing the tradition of teaching philosophy in an engaging way is what I want to do when I grow up.

Take advantage of the small campus at UW-Manitowoc. Get to know your professors early - they are a great resource. Get involved in the campus as well. Join a club, and join the Student Senate. Don't just come for your classes and then go home. Most of us who have been here for a while have seen how much better students do when they stay on campus.