Christopher F

I grew up in a small community unsure of what I wanted to do and whether I would have the money for school. I began my education at the U.W. Marathon County in the fall of 2004 and am grateful for having done so. Between the teachers, counselors, staff, and the educational and extracurricular activities, I was able to discover and hone skills while deciding a future career for myself. At the extension, I was able to set an educational plan for myself and transferred to the U.W. Madison. Thanks to skills and experience from the extension I was able to secure a job working in Human Subjects Research and Communication both during and after graduating. From this I moved to becoming a business consultant for one of the larger insurance companies in the U.S and continue to use support and community outreach programs offered by the school system. If it hadn't been for the U.W. extension program I never would have found the path that I am on currently let alone had the resources to initially pursue higher education and that is something I consider almost every day in my career.