Gabby A

Rice Lake, Wisconsin is a small city that I lived in my whole life. After graduating high school, I was itching to leave, but none of my options had panned out. My mother suggested UW- Barron County. My initial plan was only to take a few classes, but I found as a full-time student I was taking in so much more than I thought I would. UW-BC became more than just a temporary two-year school. I learned through the guidance of Terry Wiesner, resident theatre arts and Communications professor, I was bound in the theatre arts major, which I continued into my transfer to uw-parkside in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was through the productions in the theatre arts department at UW-BC, I recognized KY talents in scenic painting, acting, and designing. I made life-long friends, and found my road towards success. I can never be grateful enough for what my first college did for me, nor can I apologize enough for underestimating it. I always miss the times I had at the UW-BC campus. To this day, I make an effort to visit the college that encouraged and praised the progress of my art, and I thank all of the wonderful professors and advisors that helped me succeed with my associates degree. Very soon, I will be adding my bachelor's degree with it, and will continue my already exciting career in the theatre arts field.