Hannah O

I chose UW-Manitowoc because it was close to home and I had heard from many people what a wonderful learning experience it was. I had also heard about the professor-to-student ratio and as a non-traditional student that seemed like a great place to start my higher-level education.

I did not realize my passion for leading until I came to UW-Manitowoc. Being the Student Senate vice president, and now president, has given me a real understanding of how well I can do as a leader. I have also discovered my immense love of learning.

I am heavily involved in the theatre in this community. This semester I have a strong focus on the production end of theatre including directing a production.

My advice to any incoming student is to take advantage of these professors. They are experts in their fields and really just exemplary human beings who will do whatever they can to help you get this knowledge they are trying to share with you. It isn’t often that you get an opportunity to sit and chat with people that are this well-spoken and intelligent about topics you are excited about.

I plan to transfer to UW-Green Bay where I hope to finish my bachelor’s degree and possibly achieve a master’s degree.