Hannah S

I chose to attend UW-Manitowoc because I knew I would be able to take my general education classes for an affordable price and still have the same college experience. I chose to save money for my last two years of school while staying at home and working full time.

After graduating from UW-Manitowoc, I plan to attend UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee in fall to finish off the last two years of my bachelor's degree in political science and international studies. I have not decided on a minor or concentration yet, but I have a few ideas in mind.

I have changed more as a person than as a student since starting at UW-Manitowoc. I have learned so much in my classes and from my professors that I have taken outside of the classroom and further looked into for my own personal use. I have taken on a more active role in the learning process and have really worked on not taking things for face value and instead looking further into new ideas and concepts.