Ian G

I'm a sophomore at UW-Sheboygan, majoring in electrical and mechanical engineering. I moved to Sheboygan area from Baraboo. Seeing that UW-Sheboygan had a brand new engineering wing, small classes with more one-on-one with professors, and plenty of other things to do such as clubs, on campus jobs, and so forth, it got me really excited. Though other campuses have clubs, jobs, and such, this one had a new engineering wing already built which spoke a lot to me in that they really know how to get something done on this campus. This campus also has smaller class sizes and study spots that are very secluded so that even though there is a good amount of room, there's little traffic in those areas to distract a student.

As Vice President of Student Government, leader of the ENgineering/Rocket Club and tutoring in the Student Success Center plus a part-time job/internship working under a civil engineer - I'm a firm believer in participating. Not participating just makes classes more difficult and makes life boring and uneventful. Become the person you choose to be by participating in everything that even mildly interests you, to see what it's like and you'll guarantee yourself to never be bored.