Jacob B

I choose to attend UW-Manitowoc because it was close and therefore allowed me to stay at home. I also choose to attend UW-Manitowoc for the reasonable tuition costs.

At UW-Manitowoc, professors and staff members know your name and are willing to go out of their way to help you succeed.

I am majoring in the technical education field because of my many experiences in high school technical education courses. I also have my high school technical education teacher to thank for my interest in this field. He showed me the enjoyment of working with students and giving them knowledge and skills that they can take into their everyday lives.

I would strongly encourage students to attend class each and every day. Because it is such a small campus, the professors are aware of who attends class each day. I would also encourage students that if they have questions regarding class material to go and ask the professors. Every time I have asked a professor to clarify a portion of that day’s lesson, they go out of their way to help me.