Jedidiah T

I wanted to go to UWFox because I really enjoyed living in the Fox Valley. I was able to maintain a job that I had in high school, while still pursuing my passion for music.

While attending high school, I volunteered each summer at a camp in Watertown working with individuals with disabilities. In that experience, it was really evident that I was meant to help individuals who were disadvantaged or disabled in some way. As I wrapped up my associate’s degree at UWFox, I still had no definitive plan for my career path, so I took some time away from school and started working at Valley Packaging as a job coach.

It was during that experience that I discovered what I wanted to do. And, I went back to UWFox and I found the UW Oshkosh human services leadership bachelor’s degree completion program that was available on campus.

I was able to take all the classes I needed to take to meet any general studies requirement for my bachelor’s degree at UWFox at an incredible price. I was free to travel around to see my friends on weekends at any campus I would like to. In addition to that, I met my wife at UWFox during my freshman year. UW-Fox Valley is the place that helped me figure out who I was.

If I could go back and talk to college self I would tell myself to keep going, because I wouldn’t change a thing about my college experience. I will be forever grateful for the time I spent at UWFox.

Some people think you have to go far away to find purpose; it is so wonderful how a building 15 minutes away from my parents’ house helped me discover who I was a person.