Jens C

I took a few years away from traditional school, in that time I started studying things that interested me and retaught myself many subjects ranging from calculus and physics to computer science. With the substantial amounts of information that is accessible online, I found the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest physics minds from Leonard Susskind to Richard Feynman. My personal interest turned into an obsession that has brought me to UW-Fox Valley.

My goal is to be active participant in the scientific pursuit of knowledge as an experimental physicist. Technically, I would like to be research engineer. Someday, I want to work at a place like Fermi National Laboratory or the Argon National Laboratory.

I chose to become a student at UWFox because I needed a launching platform for my academic future. Studying here, I am able to save substantial amounts of money and attend the classes needed to transfer to my next 4-year campus.

The most unexpected thing for me at UWFox has been the opportunity to start my undergraduate research career. Thanks to my advisors, I’ve spoken at a Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium/NASA conference, published an engineering software paper and have a few papers waiting for publication on research done on this campus. The most unexpected thing, however, was that I was given the opportunity to design, build and use a Cosmic Radiation Telescope. I never thought I would have the ability to dip my toe into the realm of experimental physics at UWFox.