Josh L

When I graduated high school I knew I wanted to be an engineer, but I didn't know what degree I wanted to pursue. I chose UW-Fox Valley because I could take the first 2 years of engineering courses and transfer out afterwards. While I was there I looked into Mechanical, Biomedical, and Chemical Engineering. I took the basic courses including Zoology with Dr. Teresa Gonya, General through Organic Chemistry with Dr. Martin Rudd. Statics, and Mechanics of Materials. When I finished my second year, I transferred into the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Biomedical Engineering program with scholarships, where the class sizes were similar to UW-Fox. The value of the education I received was very apparent, I was able to save a lot of money, and teach my new classmates a thing or two even co-workers to this day. Having a more personal interaction with my professors paid off extremely well.