Kelsey K

I have always found biology courses interesting. Throughout my elementary years of school, I would always tell my family that one day I would become a doctor. Once I reached high school, I decided to challenge myself with a college level medical terminology course. I absolutely loved being able to understand medical terms and language and found it so incredible and fascinating! At that point, I knew the medical field was for me.

I decided I wanted to become a student of UW-Manitowoc because I wanted to stay close to family and friends and there were so many great things that I’d heard from others about attending here. The lower tuition and course/class options UW-Manitowoc has to offer finalized my decision. I couldn’t be happier with the decision I have made about attending UW-Manitowoc.

One piece of advice I’d like to give to an incoming UW-Manitowoc student is to not be shy! Join clubs, organizations, or even athletics to be involved in on campus. Being involved is something a student will not regret. Seek help from your professors if needed. Every professor is so willing to help each student as an individual, which is something special about UW-Manitowoc.

One thing that unexpectedly happened was getting more involved on campus than I ever thought I would. I specifically told myself that I would be attending UW-Manitowoc to focus just on academics, but shockingly enough, I became closer with those already involved on campus which lead me to becoming involved in UW-Manitowoc’s Student Government and the national honor society, Phi Theta Kappa.