Krystina P

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley was a wonderful experience. I came out of high school not having a specific perspective as to what degree I wanted to obtain, but I knew I wanted to receive a degree that was science related. The professors and academic advisors at the university are beyond incredible, patient, supportive, professional and beneficial. Through the university, I gained an accurate insight about the aspects of college. They helped me gain a sense of maturity, which in turn assisted me to become a well-rounded student. In addition, the university provided additional workshops that offered information regarding ways to gain optimal study skills and how to accurately compose college level papers, which helped me to become the best student possible.

In addition, I was involved in a research study with Dr. Dubear Kroening, which offered supplementary learning opportunities I do not believe I would have been able to be subjected to at a larger university. The small classroom sizes provided the most advantageous learning environment and if I was experiencing difficulty understanding a subject in a course, the professors and staff were continuously there to provide assistance, even beyond their offices hours. The university also offered great peer tutoring services that helped facilitate an amazing learning environment that helped students gain a full understanding of the material and pass courses with superior grades.