Mackenzie M

I tapped into my story on two separate occasions during my senior year of high school. On one cool and crisp fall evening in a press box before a football I carried out my normal pre-game routine. After setting up the camera to film the game a coach asked me about what I wanted to do after I graduated. At the time I couldn't think of anything, but I stated I knew for sure my career would involve something relating to sports. He then replied by suggesting I pursue the field of sports journalism. In this moment I didn't realize in that moment how much his advice would mean to me. On another occasion during the same year, my English teacher assigned us to choose a story and write about the content. I always chose a topic about sports because I loved the action. At the time I didn't realize this until she addressed me in class while reading. UW-Marinette has also provided me with the opportunity to pursue my passion. Through an independent study course I'm able to seek an internship with Fox 11 News. I'm so grateful for both UW-Marinette and these amazing figures who've helped me succeed.