Melayna G

I am extremely grateful for UWFox. It is close to where I live, and most of all, it is inexpensive! Without it, I most likely would not have even attempted college. I also love that it's part of the UW system so that I am able to transfer fairly easily to other UW colleges.

I plan on getting my bachelor’s degree and becoming an educator. I would like to do that for a while and then eventually get my master’s degree. Right now, my plan is to have my science emphasis be astronomy. When I go back for the master's degree, I will focus on astronomy and hopefully work for NASA some day!

Music is my passion and I was actually majoring in it when I first started college. I decided that I didn't want to turn my passion into my career, but always keep it as my hobby or my escape. I have always wanted to teach, too, and I absolutely love science so I chose that instead.

I plan on transferring to UW Oshkosh and completing my bachelor’s degree there. I would like to teach somewhere in the Appleton area for now while my husband and I save as much money as possible. I'm taking life day by day and enjoying every moment so that when I look back on this time in my life, I will be comforted by its memory and live without regret.