UW-Marathon County provided me with a solid foundation as a student and made it possible for me to go on to graduate from UW–Madison. In high school, I had not become interested in academics until my senior year, when I discovered a love for learning. The apathy I once had for school caused me to miss out on a lot of academic development in primary and secondary school. UWMC really enriched me as a student and I feel that they gave me an sure-shot environment to get back much of what was lost by my former disinterest in education. Looking back, after going to UW–Madison, I feel that the environment was actually better at UWMC for learning and improving myself as a student than it was at UW-Madison. I also believe that UWMC provides a superior education to UW-Madison when it comes to the first two years of course requirements for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. I made life-long friends in the dorms at Marathon Hall and we had many unforgettable and exciting adventures. When I left high school, I was nervous about what steps to take in life, but looking back, I have to smile; I had no idea what wonderful things were waiting to happen in my life because of my decision to start off at UW-Marathon County.