Jenna S

As a senior in high school, my dream was to become a rural family physician. When it came time, I applied to only two undergraduate colleges, the University of Wisconsin-Richland and UW-Madison. While I was accepted to both schools, ultimately, my eagerness to stay close to my family, to continue to live in rural Wisconsin, and to have the opportunity to give back to my community are reasons why I chose to attend UW-Richland. In retrospect, I made the right choice. I was near my family, joined community service organizations, earned the position of Vice President of Student Senate, and was a UW-Richland Ambassador. UW-Richland was also wonderful preparation not only for my final two undergraduate years at UW-Madison, but also for my continued education at UW-School of Medicine and Public Health. I graduated with my Medical Degree from UW-Madison in 2013, and completed residency at Mayo Clinic La Crosse, in Family Medicine with Obstetrics in June of 2016. This fall I will fulfill my lifelong dream, by returning to my hometown of Richland Center to start practice as a family physician. I hope to continue to be active in the community and give back to the people and organizations who helped me reach my dream, including UW-Richland.