Mayor Mike Palm

In Baraboo we WORK the Wisconsin Idea. We utilize UW-Extension and the campus as much as possible as resources to help the City in many of its efforts to identify our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We cherish our arts, history and culture and want to make sure that our efforts enhance those assets rather than compete with them. The addition of our student housing and the new science building have been great for both the campus and the wider community. We are currently working with the campus on a long-term plan that will serve us in the future. We utilize Extension shamelessly. In 2011, Extension worked with a stakeholders group to develop a retail market analysis that was successfully used to help the Driftless Glen Distillery to locate in our Riverfront Redevelopment Area. In addition, Extension has been used to facilitate strategic planning sessions for Sauk County Development Corporation, the Baraboo Economic Development Committee and most recently the Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce.