Rebecca L

The UWCCC's Cancer Health Disparities Initiative (CHDI) has had a productive partnership with the UW-Extension Family Living Program for over five years. Together, we have adapted and implemented a cancer education program titled Cancer Clear & Simple (CC&S). Individuals who live in rural Wisconsin experience disparities in quality of life and health, including cancer. Rural residents are more likely to be diagnosed at later stages, have poorer access to care and receive poorer quality of care relative to their urban counterparts. CC&S provides an important link to help reduce these cancer disparities. UW-Extension is our primary partner in bringing this program to communities. Most recently, we have worked closely with UW-Extension to bring CC&S to over 23 rural counties in Wisconsin. We are also partnering with UW-Extension to conduct community-participatory research to further test CC&S in a worksite setting. Workplace wellness is a priority in rural Wisconsin, as employers are key to rural vitality. UW-Extension Family Living Educators bring their community knowledge and experience to enhance the health and well-being of Wisconsin families and communities. Without Family Living Educators this foundational program would not be available to those who need it most.