Sara G

My name is Sara George and I am a local vegetable farm owner, D & S Gardens, Market Manager of the Wabasha Farmers Market, VP of the MN Farmers Market Association and owner of the first Mobile Wholesale Food Handlers License for the state of MN to occur at the Farmers Market. I would not be where I am today without the help, support and encouragement of Mike Travis, our Pepin County Ag Extension Agent. Mike Travis has been my go-to guy for any and all issues that I am having on and off the farm, anywhere from blight in the tomatoes, to weed management, planting cycles and pond care. Mike has talked with me about farm-to-school, hospital and restaurant and how to encourage those local sales. He has led classes at local farms that taught me new ways to creatively work the land and make it better for crop management. He has spoken at groups that we have invited him to, such as the Lake Pepin Local Area Food Group, the Farm to School Tour and more ��� to encourage all the local farmers with any help and support they need. Mike has taught me so much about sustainability on my own farm and we have worked together to experiment on different things such as cover crops for vegetables and spacing of vegetables to maximize the production and minimize the weed push. Mike has traveled to my farm to work with me one on one on numerous occasions so that he can see exactly what I am dealing with out here and following up with all the help and support that would fit my needs. Honestly, Mike is my go-to guy for all things farm-related.