Annaliese W

I have always had an enthusiasm for learning, a passion for teaching, and a love for children. At an early age, I came to the realization that becoming a kindergarten teacher would not only combine these passions, but also compliment my abilities and strengths. Becoming a teacher has been my aspiration ever since. I would love to teach in a bilingual classroom.

I chose to attend UW-Fox Valley mainly because it is close to home. I had heard good things about the professors, atmosphere, and education and it is comparatively inexpensive. UW-Fox Valley was a realistic and prudent way to start my college career and I have been very pleased with my choice.

One thing I found to be a pleasant surprise is how beneficial small class sizes at UW-Fox Valley are for me. I am a pretty independent and motivated student, so I did not think it would make a difference if a college lecture was 30 or 300 students. However, small class sizes have allowed me to learn a great deal and grow tremendously; I feel comfortable asking questions when I am confused, I stay involved by contributing to class discussions, and I am able to meet and connect with other students. I also have been able to build relationships with my professors which has been extremely helpful as I am able to receive individualized attention. They have provided me with copious opportunities, and they have helped me realize my full potential and have pushed me to be the best version of myself. As I consider where to transfer, small class sizes are now an important component for me.