Barb R

I was the first in my family (I'm #9 of 10 kids) to attend college, and had no one to guide me through the process. Many of my friends enrolled at four-year campuses or technical programs, but I had NO idea what I wanted to study. UW-Marshfield/Wood County was the perfect fit for me. It was close to home and the faculty and staff helped guide me through the process. I felt free to take a wide range of classes to see what I liked and what wasn't for me. Eventually a counselor helped me pinpoint a field that really worked for me and after receiving my AS I transferred to UW-EC as a Marketing major. I'm not sure I would have received the help I needed had I started at UW-EC, and I'm certain I would not have graduated Magna Cum Laude in 4 years. I've since used my education in every aspect of my life. My career has been based around Marketing, but classes like Physical Geography, Effective Listening, Climate & Weather, and Calculus (which taught me that Engineering was not in my future!) truly help me enjoy and appreciate the world around me. I now work for UW-Barron County and appreciate that I can contribute to the system that helped me so much!