Daniel F

I have worked in Wisconsin at the U.S. Geological Survey for 20 years. During that period I have collaborated with many of the exceptional scientists at the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey. They might be the best in the country at combining high-quality research with constant, informative outreach to their state constituents. In my collaborations with them, we have built groundwater flow models - for Southeast Wisconsin, for Dane County, for Northwestern Wisconsin - that have been used over and over again to deal with groundwater management problems. Over the years I have worked most closely with Ken Bradbury, Madeline Gotkowitz, David Hart and Mike Parsen. The range of their contributions is wide ��� they are innovators in the "field", collecting geologic data in new ways, but they are also sophisticated interpreters. What I most admire is their ability to share their work with anyone who is affected by groundwater problems, whether it is a farmer, a chair of a town council, or a high school class. They have the rare ability to write and talk about science in way that captures what is important and makes it clear.