Kevin V

My two-year campus was so good, I did EXTRA homework. How does that happen, you ask? Pretty simple, actually. It came from having the right teachers.Glossing over the fact that literally ALL of them graduated from world-class universities, my professors struck the golden mean between engaging and inspiring students. From writing analytical papers in the style of famous authors, to assignments that cultivated a strong, lengthy base for a future book, to undergraduate research and honors projects, all of this happened BECAUSE my PROFESSORS ignited my curiosity and drive to strive with copious amounts of gasoline*. If you take that variable away, everything disappears. All of them are so, so wonderful to work with and the professors, tutors, and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County match, challenge, and invigorate students in a way only seasoned pros can. Don't attend UW-BSC because you can transfer fearlessly. Attend it because it's a beautiful school that prepares you for your two most important tasks: the intellectual navigation of an incredibly complex world and the cultivation of a strong, thoughtful, moral character.

*In this case, the gasoline would be their actions, lectures, content, character, etc. Not literal.