Michael Z

I was fortunate to attend UW-Milwaukee and study Geology; I achieved a BS in Professional Geology in 1983, unfortunately I could not afford to complete a MS Degree. I was hired as a professional Hydrogeologist by the Wis. Dept. Natural Resources in 1985 by the Solid & Hazardous Waste Program; I have worked on hundreds of landfills, toxic waste spills, and contaminated municipal well investigations & remediation cases. I have always benefitted from the county technical investigative reports covering geology and groundwater across the state. The information I obtained from the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey was crucial to advancing our understanding of environmental sites. I have purchased nearly every single item in the Survey's catalog to further my own education and increase my knowledge. I enjoy being able to download publications online. I have amassed three book cases of technical reports. I have over the last 30 years been privileged to know several of the Survey's talented staff and research associates and call them friends to this day (Ex. B. Brown, D. Cherkauer, K. Bradbury, B. Bristoll, D. Hart, J. Luczaj to name but a few). I'm an active member of the Environment Science Exchange (ESE) group, the Wisconsin Science Communication Network (WSCN), and a pilot member of the Wisconsin DNR Leadership Academy, and the WGWA.