Scott V

I want to acknowledge excellent support that I received from Esther Stewart, a geologist with the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WGNHS). Esther provided valuable references for a Wisconsin Natural Resource Foundation (NRF) field trip that I am leading in the Hagar Mountain State Natural Area.

As I began preparing for the field trip, I realized that the WGNHS collection might provide access a number of Hagar Mountain area geology papers. The focused nature of the WGNHS library combined with Esther’s ability to pull information from online resources exceeded my expectations. We accessed one-of-a-kind documents detailing original Hagar Mountain area geology field work; old field trip guides; and maps that will be invaluable as we plan the April 28th hike.

Esther’s timely, attentive, and thorough support was key. On behalf of the NRF field trip participants, thank you for the customer- focused support.

Esther’s assistance modeled the WGNHS mission “to interpret, disseminate, and archive natural resource information; and communicate the results through publications and responses to inquiries from the public.” The breadth, depth, and positive impact of the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey is something Wisconsin residents can be proud of. In this era of tightened budgets and a seeming shift in Wisconsin’s environmental policy agenda, I hope that the WGNHS remains relevant, supported, and well-funded.