Teale Ana G

I am a first generation college graduate, raised in an environment of poverty, violence, and addiction in rural northeastern Wisconsin. As a young person, I yearned for opportunities to explore myself and grow into the person I wanted to become. UW-Fond du Lac was the first safe space I ever encountered, filled with supportive role models, educational self-empowerment, and structures for success. I thrived within that environment, tapping into my own resiliency to create change within myself. I discovered community and channeled my passion into creating systematic change on a local level. Today, I am a bilingual health educator with a specialization in trauma, violence, addiction, and mental health. I use my skills to create safe space and open dialogues with high-risk populations, so that everyone can feel supported to transform what doesn’t serve them and grow into a healthier version of themselves. With the support of my college mentor Alayne Peterson, I will become the first in my family to attend graduate school. Who I am today is fully informed by everything the UW Colleges taught me. It truly was "The Best Start for the Life You Want" and inspired me to dedicate my life serving others.