Linda M

I would like to enthusiastically commend the assistance offered by Dr. David Cole in conjunction with the Solutions Center/Academic Success Center on the UW Baraboo/SC campus , related to a writing project I was working on this fall. As a member of the larger community, I was overjoyed to find help for completing a book-length historic story I had been working on for some time. Dr. Cole was able to help me through several stages of ���writer's impasse�۝and provided invaluable technical and creative direction during tutoring sessions. He seemed to know the precise mix of kindness, constructive criticism and inspiration needed for productive sessions. I can't thank Dr. Cole and the Solutions Center enough for providing tutoring services for students and also for individuals in the Baraboo community as part of the Center's community outreach efforts. I'm happy to report that my project is successfully completed, and this certainly would not have been the case without access to consultations with Dr. Cole at the Solutions Center.