Jacqueline S

Northwest Connection Family Resources has been around for 23 years. UW-Extension has always been supportive of our agency and the work we do with child care providers and families. During the last 3 years, Lori Baltrusis, Sawyer County Family Living Educator, has been an outstanding partner. We have put our heads together to find ways to serve families. We have worked together on Strengthening Families, Parent Caf̩s, and Parents Forever. Having a strong connection with UW-Extension and Lori has allowed us to bring parent education and support to a very rural area. Strengthening Families brought the child and parent together to be able to communicate better. The Parent Caf̩ gives the parent confidence in sharing their story and realizing they are not alone in their struggles. Parents Forever is an educational class for court-ordered parents to find ways to communicate and do the best job of parenting for their children. We are very grateful to be part of a collaboration that always has the best interest of the family as the goal.