Joey Z

With over 15 years of urban science teaching experience, I believe offering collaborative, inquiry-based educational opportunities are the key to transforming our world, and I am happy to teach at Escuela Verde. Under the auspices of TransCenter for Youth, Escuela Verde is a public charter high school authorized by the City of Milwaukee. Following a project-based learning model, students are encouraged to collaborate with fellow students, adults from the community, and organizations around Milwaukee and the world in order to develop rigorous, relevant projects with an emphasis on sustainability and social justice. This year we worked with Brent Gohde from Cedar Block and Justin Hougham from Upham Woods to help turn one of our community nights into Science Strikes Back, a community science fair. We were blown away by how exciting this event was. Over 150 community members attended to learn from the 28 teams, and 12 volunteer judges had their work cut out for them! One crowd favorite was the project, which river in Milwaukee would make the best home for a mermaid's family? For this project, students Jasmine Glass, Gaby Lopez and Christian Ojeda used data collected using DOTS kits from the three major Milwaukee rivers to determine the most habitable place to raise an aquatic family. Although not one of the winning projects, the topic was a creative and fun way to explore patterns of dissolved oxygen, pH, and turbidity for kids and adults alike. As a small school, there is no way we could have made this event the huge success it was without the help of sponsors like Upham Woods. Thank you for helping us show the world that science is relevant, exciting and fun for all ages.