Miranda V

Many people overlook UW-Fox Valley because it is a small campus. I would advise incoming students to take pride in the campus size and join clubs, or find new study groups. I chose UWFox because the tuition was very appealing, it has small class sizes, and it was close to home. All of these benefits jumped out because it allowed me to continue the local activities I am a part of.

I was surprised to fit in. That might seem like a cliché, but leaving high school where all of my friends were and then coming here where I didn’t know anyone, was nerve wrecking. But, in short order, I found people that I had classes with, and we formed study, or often socializing, groups.

I went into my freshman year as an undecided major. It wasn’t until my last semester as a freshman that I chose Management Information Systems. I chose this major because a friend had recommended it to me, and after looking into it, I realized it was a good fit. After I complete my Associate Degree with Business Emphasis, I will transfer to UW-Oshkosh for my Bachelor’s Degree.