Sean P

The one truly great thing about UW-Manitowoc is how involved the professors are in the student’s lives, the close interactions make transitioning into college much easier. The staff that work at UW-Manitowoc are all very genuine and want to see the students succeed, and I believe that this is what sets apart this campus from many other two-year campuses.

I chose UW-Manitowoc because I knew it would be a great school to adjust to the college life. I also chose to attend this college because it was more affordable to live with my parents for the first two years compared to other larger colleges. Besides college, I am also a soldier in the Army Reserves and drill monthly out of Green Bay.

I knew from the start that I would like to pursue biology because I always had a strong interest in medicine and being able to help those around me.

My advice to incoming students is to not be afraid of becoming involved with the campus events and organizations. A student who is more involved with clubs and campus activities will find it easier to build stronger relationships with the professors as well as the student body.