Rachel A

There is a long line of UW alumni within my family, so the choice to come to UW-Fond du lac was based on that legacy, reputation, as well as location. In my first semester here, I learned from a professor that students who start at a two-year university statistically perform better after transferring to a four-year University. 

Although there are many different avenues within the world of art and design, I primarily would like to utilize the skill set I am gaining within the niche career field of scientific and/or technical illustration. 

I have a background in graphic design and degree from MPTC in Graphic Communications. My intention has always been to return and explore the formal studio training that a University Degree offers. I also happen to be following in my mother's footsteps, who earned her BFA from UW-Milwaukee.   

I have had, and continue to have, wonderful professors here at UW-Fond du Lac. Every single one has been personally dedicated to helping students individually and they have all inspired me!  I am very fortunate to have studied under: Wendy Turchan, Kristina Arellano, Alayne Peterson, Joseph Fenrick, Heather Pagel, Dr. Michael Thorn and Dr. Patricia Roby.

Do not take your time and opportunity to learn for granted. Investing in education is not a chore, but a privilege.  Absorb what you can and do not be afraid to ask questions; there is no end to what you can learn.