Rhonda S

Before I started working at UW-Fond du Lac, my family benefited from the Continuing Education programs. My kids attended LEAPS and College for Kids, which made learning come alive through exciting, hands-on classes. They experienced true 21st Century learning with Mr. Papenheim in robotics.

After I started working here, I discovered how the undergrad students are benefiting from the access mission of UW-Fond du Lac, which offers:
• Access to excellent, student-centered education;
• Access to small classes, which allow personal attention from professors;
• Access to local education;
• Access to affordable education;
• Access to multiple Bachelor Degree Completion programs;
• Access to UW four-year campuses through the Guaranteed Transfer program.

We are blessed to have UW-Fond du Lac in our community, and I am happy to be part of the access mission.