Matt R

Being the non-traditional student that I am, and a decent amount older than many of the students, I didn’t anticipate making all the great friends I have made. I joke that I am their dad all the time, and they call me old – it’s great. Seriously though, the friends I have made on campus have made school a lot of fun, which has also made it easier to be a successful student. 

Choosing to come to UW-Manitowoc was not a hard decision for me. The small class sizes and affordable tuition were certainly a large part of the decision. The professors here are incredible. With smaller classes, they know each student well and they are all eager to help us in whatever way they can. This is a recipe for success and I believe it is difficult for even the most prestigious schools to replicate.

I would like to work professionally in the field of science, with the ability to help and better the lives of other people. This could be through bettering and protecting the environment, providing clean water, or perhaps medical research.

I feel that the understanding and advancement of science is beneficial to our species. If humans neglect or dismiss science, the future of life on Earth will be in jeopardy. When my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I felt helpless. I determined I needed to become educated about science to be able to help her and others.