Melissa M

I chose to study at UW-Fox Valley based on the proximity of the campus to my home, and the experience my brother had while attending the campus when it was still Fox Valley Center.

I was a returning student with a young family when I made the decision to complete my education. I was grateful to have professors who understood the needs of a commuting student and the demands of motherhood. My first semester back, my oldest daughter was diagnosed with a lifelong medical condition. The staff at UW-Fox Valley worked to accommodate my situation so I could focus on the needs of my children, yet still maintain my academic goals. They were amazing and I cannot thank them enough.

My intention was to become a Veterinarian. Instead of pursuing a Pre-Veterinary degree, I chose to study Human Biology with an emphasis in Health Science, and minor in Chemistry. I felt this option was a wise choice, as this degree offered more flexibility for future career choices. 

I have always been a foodie, and I have enjoyed cooking since middle school. The Human Biology coursework correlates to a Food Science program quite well as many components of each program overlap. In my current role, I am working with Non-GMOs. I review and create policies to reflect both government and internal standards for food safety and quality. Working for a global company has been eye opening, my co-workers are some of the best and brightest in the food industry, and I could not be happier!

After graduation, I became a member of the e.a.t.s. committee assisting with the organization, planning, and execution of the scholarship fundraiser. I was also a guest chef for several years at e.a.t.s. events.

While I was a student at UWFox, there are two professors who stood out as inspirations to me and who made a difference in my life. Dr. Teresa Gonya and Dr. Martin Rudd. I would not be where I am without the guidance from these two individuals; I am happy to call them both friends.