Abigail H

I have been lucky enough to spend extra time with the faculty and staff here at UW-Manitowoc outside of class, and they are all amazing!

I came to UW-Manitowoc because of the low tuition cost. Being a first-generation student, going straight to a four-year university just was not an option. UW-Manitowoc was the perfect solution, not only is it affordable, but it offers a level of academic excellence I can rely on to help me complete my bachelor’s degree.  

I ended up spending my summer at UW-Manitowoc and had the opportunity to watch the renovation process up close. Not exactly the summer job I had anticipated, but it was a fantastic experience, and it was great being a part of something I know is going to benefit students for years to come.  

I plan to take advantage of the Badger Promise and attend UW-Madison where I will pursue a bachelor’s in business marketing as well as a minor in communications; and hopefully, later on, enroll in a MBA program after I achieve my undergraduate goals.