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Emailing Outlook "Items"!

There are often circumstances when we want to forward an Outlook "Item" to another user in our institution, that is, we want to forward something other than a single email message. Some examples include sending several mail messages pertinent to a situation, sending or forwarding contact cards, sending a calendar item or a note. There are, as usual, a couple different ways to do this in Outlook. Today's tip will provide options for users who need to share Outlook items with other users.

Sharing Emails:

When users need to share an mail message they most often will forward the message to the other user(s). There are times when a user has multiple mail messages to forward. Rather than forward each individually, "Outlook Items" like mail messages can be attached to another mail message. The steps are:

  1. Open a new mail message
  2. Fill in the "To:", and "Subject:" lines
  3. Type the message to the recipient
  4. Click on Insert>Item
  5. Insert menu

  6. The Insert Item dialog box will appear (see below)
  7. Click on Inbox
  8. Then sort the inbox either by "From", "Subject", or "Received" to help group the messages that are to be attached
  9. To select the messages to be sent, click on one, and then hold down the Shift key to select a continuous series of messages, or hold down the Control key to select messages that are not in a continuous series.
  10. In most cases you want to send the messages as attachments, so the user is ready to click on OK.
  11. Insert Image Dialog Box

  12. The messages will then appear as attachments in your email
  13. message with attachments

  14. Once all information has been added to the message, it is ready to send

Now, after all that, there is an easier way to do this. Open a new mail message and "click and drag" the messages that are to be attached, to the new mail message, and they will be added as attachments. This is done from the Inbox or the folder where the messages are stored. The video at the end of the tip will show how to carry out both methods.

Sharing Calendar Items:

This time I will start with the obvious and move to how to attach a calendar item.

The best way to share a calendar item, especially if you want folks to attend, is to use the Meeting Request feature. For more information on this go to an earlier CTOW on Meeting Request and Group Schedules - here.

The other option is to send a calendar item as an attachment. One might do this if they wanted a colleague to put an event on their calendar, but not make it a meeting request. Do do so, follow steps 1-11 above, but with the following changes.

In Step #6 click on Calendar, and then sort by start date. I have selected three training dates that I want to share with our staff. This way I can send all three and they can pick one to put on their calendar.

Insert Item - Calendar

Once all the items have been added to the message and the message body is complete, click on Send. It helps to tell the recipients that they can drag the calendar item to their calendar in Outlook and it will create the event on their calendar automatically. This will also be shown in the video.

Sharing Contacts:

Sharing contacts is another process that can be done a couple ways. The easy way, step-by-step is:

  1. go to the contacts folder
  2. select one or multiple contacts
  3. click on Actions>Forward
  4. Actions Menu

  5. The contacts you selected will be added to a new message as attachments.
  6. message with contacts attached

Take a look at the Actions menu again. Notice there is an option to forward contacts as vCards. The vCard format is useful when users want to send a contact card to users whose Email system is not necessarily Outlook and it can read the vCard format. So, use that when trying to send contact cards to folks outside the UWC.

Users can also send contacts using the steps describe in the first section by going to the Insert>Items menu choice, selecting the Contacts folder and then selecting the contacts to be sent.

Here is a short video showing the process for utilizing the Insert>Items option for sending multiple messages and then the drag and drop method for sending a calendar item.

Show Me how to Email Items in Microsoft Outlook.

Printable Format of How to Email Items in Microsoft Outlook.

In conclusion, there are often times when users need to send Outlook items, and it is an easy process, and doesn't require forwarding multiple messages to send multiple items.

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