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Records Management

One of the major objectives of the records management program is to identify and dispose of unneeded administrative records logically and legally. This site will help you determine what records need to be kept and for how long. To accomplish this, Records Schedules are created. A Records Schedule is a document that describes the records and sets forth the retention time and conditions for each set of records (or records series). Records Schedules are also known as Records Retention/Disposition Authorizations, or RDAs.

For Cooperative Extension Email as Records session recorded May 19, 2014. To view this recording, please click the link below:
Email as Records. See also associated PowerPoint document Email Lifecycle.

Besides disposal of unneeded records, one outcome of records management and records schedule is to identify and retain records which have historical significance and archival value. See the blue column and choice on the left Storage and Historical Archives.

It is important for University offices to realize that, although records can and do exist in a wide variety of storage media, State and Federal laws still apply to how they manage the information contained in them. A primary example is our email. Email should be kept or discarded according to formally approved records retention schedules depicted in this visual aid. Office 365 conversion creates special interest in retention and deletion. See "Email Content Determines Retention Value". For more detail based on Email Content Determines Retention Value see Email As Records and Email Clean-Up for O365 Migration. You may also view the recorded presentation - Email as Records

Information contained on this web site is meant to provide basic guidance regarding the records management process. Departments are urged, and welcome, to contact Records Management with their specific comments and concerns.

If you would like to have your name added to the Records Management Contact List to receive notices and reminders of important dates and upcoming events, please send an email to with your name, address, phone number and email address and a request to be put on the contact list.


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