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Models of collaboration

Explore below to learn about different models for Service-Learning collaboration.

UW Colleges and UW-Extension partnerships

Each of our institutions can create Service-Learning opportunities both traditionally and non-traditionally. Service-Learning is a tool that can further fulfill and enhance both community needs already met by UW-Extension and learners' needs met by UW Colleges. UW Colleges and UW-Extension can collaboratively utilize tools such as Service-Learning to further meet these needs.

Look below to see models of successful collaborations.

  • Learn how university students extended their knowledge and skills to a local Wisconsin Bookworms program (formerly Wisconsin First Book) and successfully wrote and received new grant funding.
  • Learn how UW-Extension Fond du Lac 4-H worked with UW-Fond du Lac students to teach 4th and 5th grade youth weather and climate activities.
  • Learn how Grant County UW-Extension worked with university students from various disciplines to develop a community revitalization plan for a local village.
  • Learn about how UW-Madison students from the department of landscape architecture worked with different programs in the community.
  • Learn how UW-Rock County Students in partnership with UW-Rock County Extension worked with a program called "Food from our Farms".

Learn more about the Cooperative Extension division and contact your local county UW-Extension colleagues.

Learn more about the UW Colleges and contact your UW Colleges colleagues using the UW Colleges state wide faculty directories.

K-12 partnerships

There are many opportunities for Service-Learning partnerships with your local K-12 schools. In addition to the benefits to you and your office, these partnerships encourage positive youth development in your own community.

While many of the ideas for K-12 partnerships are like those of higher education partnerships, there are some unique things to consider:

Partnerships with Afterschool (Youth Sites)

Explore below how you can partner with local Afterschool programs and/or youth development sites. UW-Extension's 4-H Youth Development colleagues may be another tool to explore campus and Afterschool partnerships with. They also share a wealth of knowledge about youth development and youth enrichment programming. To find out more, just connect with your UW-Extension colleagues.

List of national campus/afterschool partnerships (PDF).

Connect with the Wisconsin Afterschool Network - The Wisconsin Afterschool Network (WAN) is a public/private partnership of local and state organizations. They support schools and community partners in delivering high quality Afterschool programs to diverse school age children and youth that increase academic achievement, enhance youth development and encourage family involvement.

Support Tribal Service-Learning

Tribal groups can gain much from Service-Learning. See these examples from the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse for ways that UW-Extension and UW Colleges can support Service-Learning in tribal settings.

Developing partnerships with your community

Learn about developing quality partnerships with Wisconsin Communities.

Help Community-Based Organizations (CBO) Connect with Service-Learning

Just like UW Colleges and UW-Extension faculty and staff benefit from having Service-Learning students assist in their work, so do community-based organizations. UW-Extension and UW Colleges can serve as an important connection between community-based organizations and Service-Learning students and faculty, and as a resource to both.

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